Flip Warmer

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By realizing a high-power heating system that uses the heat conduction of aluminum, it warms up from the insertion slot to the back!
The temperature can be adjusted in two stages, HIGH and LOW, by smart touch operation.
Enjoy the pleasure of being wrapped in the warmth of your choice with the FLIP series.



Product Code: TFW-001
Size: 95×95×185mm / (D)×(W)×(H)
Packaged Weight: 475g
Other Info:
Rated voltage / current: DC18V / 3A (DC plug compatible)
Operation method: Easy operation with one button (ON / OFF with long press, pattern switching with single press)
Temperature pattern: 2 steps (strong → weak) blinking (during heating) → lighting (during heat retention)
Heating time: Depending on the environmental temperature, it will enter the heat retention mode in 5 to 6 minutes.
* The power will be turned off automatically after 30 minutes or more from no operation.
Waterproof structure: The main body, heat stick, and pedestal can be washed completely.
Material: ABS / PC / Silicone / Aluminum / Elastomer
Warranty period: 1 year (excluding aging deterioration of gel part)
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