Iroha Temari Mizu

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Lose Yourself In The Art Of Pleasure
How do you lose yourself in pleasure?
It may be through vibrations, texture, or shape, but it doesn’t have to end there.
We believe it is important to consider volume of vibration sounds, or how much vibration is sent to your hand as you hold your iroha, and how these affect the experience.
Free yourself from the distraction of sound and vibrations in your hands.

The iroha temari was crafted to provide pleasure you can sink into.
Featuring a powerful motor housed in a case specially designed to reduce vibration transmission to the holder, the temari really lets you lose yourself in the art of pleasure.



Product Code: THMT-01
Running Time: Approx. 90 min (Full Strength)
Charging Time: Approx. 120min (5V1A)
Product Size: 56 x 56 x 68mm
Product Case: 85 x 85 x 85mm
Product Weight: 109g
Materials : (Product): Silicone / ABS / PC / Lithium Ion Polymer Battery (Li-poly) , (Cap): ABS , (USB Cable): PVC
Waterproof: Up to 50cm / 19.5″
Content: Product / Cap / USB Cable / User Manual



Q: What differences are there between the iroha temari and other iroha brand items?
A: Within the iroha brand, there are external-use / insertable items, as well as battery-powered / rechargeable items. The iroha temari is an external-use, rechargeable item. At its highest setting, it is the strongest item of the iroha brand. It features a structure that reduces vibration transmission to the user’s hand, so you can truly lose yourself in the experience.

Q: Are there any functional differences between the colors?
A: The colors are purely for aesthetic difference, so please choose the color you like the most!

Q: Can I use the iroha temari in the bath?
A: The iroha temari is fully waterproof up to 50cm (Approx. 19.65 inches.) Please do not expose to strong water currents or depths over 50cm.

Q: Do I need to buy batteries for the iroha temari?
A: The iroha temari is a rechargeable item and does not require additional batteries for use.To charge, attach the included USB Cable to the Magnetic Terminal on the product and connect the USB terminal to a USB port connected to a PC or wall-plug adapter.

■ Charging Time: Approx. 120 min (5V1A Lithium Ion Polymer Battery)
■ Running Time: Approx. 90 min (Full Power)

Q: How do I turn the product on?
A:  Push & Hold Button on Base of Product for 3 seconds to turn ON/OFF.

※ Pressing and holding the button during charging will make the item vibrate for 1 second before automatically turning off. Attempting to charge the item during vibration will turn on the charging lamp and the item will turn off.

Q: How many vibration modes does the iroha temari have?
A: The iroha temari features 4 strengths of vibration and two pulse patterns, making a total of 6 vibration modes.After turning the item on by pressing and holding the button at the base of the product, press the button to cycle through vibration modes.

Q: How hygienic is the iroha temari?
A: The iroha temari is waterproof, meaning you can clean it easily with water. Please clean before and after every use. Pat dry and place the Cap on the item, then store in a hygienic place.

Q: Can I wash the iroha temari with soap?
A: Please wash with cold or tepid water. If using soap, please use only a mild, neutral soap.※ Do not clean with hot water. Do not place in hot or cold water for extended periods of time.

※ Do not clean with alcohol or highly acidic/alkaline cleaners. This may cause disfiguration of product.

Q: Can I use the product with lubricants, lotions or oils?
A: Please only use water-based lubricants with the iroha temari.

※ Do not use with silicone-based lubricants, massage oils or other oils such as baby oils. This could lead to product damage, discoloration or deformation of product, and will void product warranty.

Q: How should I dispose of this product?
A: Please dispose of the item according to your local disposal laws and regulations.

Q: Can I use the charging bases / cases / cables and wall plug adapters from other iroha brand items?
A: Only the Wall Plug Adapters from other iroha items are compatible with the iroha temari. The charging cable for the iroha temari is unique, and is not compatible with any other iroha items.

Q: Can I use other USB Cables available on the market?
A: The USB Cable for the iroha temari is a Magnetic USB Cable that was made solely for the iroha temari, and is not available elsewhere.

Q: There is no Wall Plug Adapter included. What should I do?
A: The iroha temari doesn’t include a Wall Plug Adapter. Please use a wall plug adapter you have available, or purchase one for use with the iroha temari.The iroha temari can also be charged with a PC USB Port.

※ Please ensure the USB Port / Wall Plug Adapter you are using has an output of at least 5V1A to ensure no damage to either item.

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