Bundle-Air-Tech Reuseable Vacuum CUP VC (Regular) + Vacuum Contoller

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Air-Tech Reuseable Vacuum CUP VC (Regular)
A New Stage In Suction!
Experience suction at its greatest yet with the new AIR-TECH! The Reusable Vacuum CUP VC is not only compatible with TENGA’s new Vacuum Controller, but is also designed to provide a supreme suction sensation even on its own!

This is made possible due to the new internal structure and sleeve-holder-band!

Now users with the TENGA Vacuum Controller can enjoy a reusable item, and even those without, won’t miss out on great sensations!

Vacuum Controller
Suction On Your Command!

Vacuum control at your fingertips! The TENGA Vacuum Controller allows you to manipulate vacuum pressure inside TENGA CUP Series items through a simple button-press! Experience Suction like none other!

● Vacuum strength sensation is subjective and may differ from person to person.
● Batteries Sold Separately
● ONLY Compatible with Vacuum Compatible CUP Products. Non-compatible items may cause damage.



Product Code: TATV-001R
Packaged Size: 69.1×69.1×166.4mm / (D)×(W)×(H)
Packaged Weight: 270g

Specifications – Insertable Size
Insertion Depth: Approx. 15cm
Insertion Width: Approx. 4.5cm
Hard-cased: (No Stretch)

Case & Cap: PP
Band: PE
Internal Sleeve: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Lubricant: See HOLE LOTION Page
Other Info: Reusable, Sample Lubricant Included

Product Code: TVC-001
Size – Vacuum Controller: 90.3×77.1×117.8/163g
Regular Adapter: 82×77×50.2/48g
U.S. Adapter: 86.7×86.5×59.4/51g
Packaged Size: 106.5×93.5×180mm / (D)×(W)×(H)
Other Info: Batteries NOT Included



Q: Is the TENGA AIR-TECH Series reusable?
A: Yes, the AIR-TECH Series is reusable! Reusability may vary according to methods and strength of use, cleaning, storage and maintenance.
※ Please ensure to wash with cold/tepid water and store in a cool, dry, dark place.

Q: Are there fake (counterfeit) versions of TENGA products out there?
A: Currently there are a number of counterfeit fakes on the market. While they may look like normal TENGA products, their quality is far inferior to authentic items and may even be dangerous to your health.

Q: Is the TENGA AIR-TECH Series electronic?
A: No. Please use the products manually.

Q: What are the differences between the normal AIR-TECH Reusable Vacuum CUPs and the new Reusable Vacuum CUP VCs?
A: The “VC” Stands for “Vacuum Compatible” – these new items are compatible with TENGA’s Vacuum Controller. This means you can enjoy strong, electronic vacuum suction if you use the Reusable Vacuum CUP VC with a Vacuum Controller!

The products are also designed to provide stronger suction with a new internal suction and a band to hold the sleeve in place – even without use of the Vacuum Controller!
※ Visit the Vacuum Controller Product Page.

Q: What are the differences between the Red and Silver Reusable Vacuum CUP VCs?
A: The two products are different sizes – the Red “Regular” is our regular size and the Silver “Ultra” is larger!
※ Details on Internal Sizes below.

Q: How do you use the Reusable Vacuum CUP VC?
How to Use:
1) Wash & Dry Sponge thoroughly with water
2) Twist to remove Top Cover
3) Place Sponge inside Casing (This prevents leakage from Air Hole)

Applying the Band:
1) Set Sleeve with lip covering rim
2) Place Band over the exposed Sleeve
3) Close Band

Q: How do you wash the Reusable Vacuum CUP VC?
Removing the Band:
1) Place finger on Tab
2) Pull outwards to remove Band

How to Wash:
1) Wash with water to remove remaining lube or bodily fluid
2) Wash Sleeve while inverting
3) Dry with clean towel

● Wash with cold or tepid water
● Only use neutral or mild soap. Soaps high in acid or alkaline content may damage product material
● Do NOT wash with alcohol or other cleaners

Q: How should I use the Reusable Vacuum CUP with the TENGA Vacuum Controller?
A: When using Vacuum Controller (Sold Separately)
● ALWAYS Read Vacuum Controller User Manual before use
● REMEMBER to use the Release Button on the Vacuum Controller as the suction can quickly become very strong
● If you feel pain during use press Release Button on Vacuum Controller immediately
● Do not use product upside-down while attached to Vacuum Controller
● Recommended use of lubricant each use is 20~25ml.
● Additional lubricant or adding more during use may cause lubricant to enter Vacuum Controller and may cause loss of suction or product damage.

Q: Please tell me the insertion size and properties of the TENGA AIR-TECH Series.
Insertion Depth: Approx. 15cm / Ultra Approx. 17.5cm
Insertion Width: Approx. 4.5cm / Ultra Approx. 6cm
Hard-cased (No Stretch)
※ Lubricant Included

Q: What is the Reusable Vacuum CUP VC made from?
Case & Cap: PE
Band: PP
Internal Sleeve: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Lubricant: See HOLE LOTION Page

Q: What is the different between the TENGA CUP Series and TENGA AIR-TECH Series?
A: Think of the AIR-TECH Series as the CUP Series’ reusable cousin. The AIR-TECHs are reusable, have stronger vacuum strength thanks to their airflow structure and a new air-cushion system!

Q: Does that mean the AIR-TECH Series is better than the CUP Series?
A: Not exactly. While being reusable is great, the hygiene of a one-use item is not to be set aside. The CUPs also come in a variety of forms that each provide a different function such as a malleable case, double insertion points, etc. Check out what the CUPs have to offer here – they’re also lower in price!

Q: I can’t insert myself into the Air-Tech PVC, what can I do?
A: Please remove the air hole sticker on the top and ensure the inside of the sleeve, the insertion point of the sleeve, as well as your member are all well lubricated for smooth insertion.

Q: What is the air hole for?
A: This not only lets air escape upon insertion, but once inserted, if you cover it with your finger you can create a virtual vacuum, for an amazing suction sensation!

Q: Can I use other lubricants with this product?
A: We can only recommend use with TENGA HOLE LOTION for this product. The material is compatible with water based lubricants but we can not guarantee the integrity of third-party products.
※ Please DO NOT use this product with Silicone or other lubricants, nor baby oil or other oils.

Q: What is the TENGA Vacuum Controller?
A: The TENGA Vacuum Controller is an electronic vacuum device made for use with compatible TENGA products to create a suction sensation during use of said products.

Q: How do you turn it on?
A: Simply press the round button once to turn on, again to turn off.

Q:Does it have different suction patterns?
A: We kept it simple, there’s only ON or OFF – you can use the Release Button to open up a release valve to manipulate the vacuum strength!

Q: Can I use it in a bath?
A: The product is not waterproof – please DO NOT use it in water.

Q: Is it rechargeable?
A: It is powered by 4 AAA Batteries – please only use Alkaline AAA Batteries to keep the product in best condition.

Q: Can I wash it with soap? What about rubbing alcohol?
A: The Vacuum Control Unit is not waterproof, please only clean with a cloth. The Adapters are submersible so you can wash this part with water but please do not use alcohol or other cleaning agents.

Q: Can I use it on CUPs without the compatibility sticker? What about similar products from other brands?
A: Only the TENGA products with the Compatible Sticker can be used with the Vacuum Controller. Use with other products or third party items may cause damage that TENGA Co., Ltd. can not be held liable for.

Q: The suction has gotten really weak, is it broken?
A: Please check the following points:

1) Are the batteries dead?

2) Is the product set up properly? Is there any air leaking from the Adapters?

3) Please ensure CUP you are using is a Compatible item.

4) Is there anything blocking the Vacuum Controller’s air hole?

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